About the Mt Erin Group

Growers with the know-how to grow great fruit

This is the story of a group of grower-owned orchards in the Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand, coming together as the Mt Erin Group and growing the best apples for the world to enjoy.

Family Owned Orchards

Mt Erin’s orchards are first and foremost family owned and operated. The orchards have been run by the same families for generations, with the commitment to growing great apples passed down from generation to generation. We care deeply about the land that we work on and we care deeply about the quality of the fruit that we grow.

The Mt Erin Philosophy

Every one of our orchards has its own characteristics and its own story. All our growers share the same core values of sustainability, respect for the environment and a commitment to producing high quality healthy produce. We grow great fruit with the shared expertise of each of our grower families, a collective knowledge that been built over a long time. You will find sustainable, healthy and fresh in every carton of Mt Erin apples.


Growing apples, the way they should be

At Mt Erin, we know what we are doing. Some of our orchards have been growing fruit for more than 100 years. Our orchards are in the perfect place and our growers have intergenerational experience to grow great apples. We grow, we care for, we harvest, and pack our apples for export to many markets around the world.

We invite you to visit Hawke's Bay, the home of Mt Erin and our orchards

See for yourself where we grow, how we grow, and hear about our history and the family stories behind our apples. Experience first-hand, just why Mt Erin apples are some of the best in the world.