Waikawa Orchard

John Parsons

Originating in 1966, this orchard has been growing today`s apple varieties since 1984 and has been owned by the same family ever since.

  • Orchard Name: Waikawa Orchard
  • Owners & Operators: John Parsons
  • Location: Havelock North, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
  • Size: 13ha
  • Varieties: Royal Gala, Galaxy, Fuji, New Zealand Queen

Waikawa Ochard in the beginning

The orchard was originally planted in 1966 and grew several different types of fruit. In 1985 John Parsons joined the orchard team to manage the orchard. With a new found passion for the business and a goal to produce top quality fruit with great taste, John made the decision to purchase the orchard the following year.

Waikawa Orchard today

The orchard is managed by John who takes care of all operations with the aid of dedicated seasonal workers during the harvest. The Parsons go beyond growing apples, by producing fruit with the right taste, size and colour that are desired in different markets. A focus on large and colourful apples has predominated in the last years.

All year-round apples such as the Royal Gala and Galaxy are Waikawa Orchard`s prominent varieties. Fuji and Pacific Rose are also strong varieties that have been grown at Waikawa Orchard since the 1980s. The fertile Hawke`s Bay soils enable the Parsons to grow apples that are rich in colour and rich in taste. Waikawa Orchard also follow Pipfruit New Zealand's Integrated Fruit Production best fruit growing practices and are EurepGAP compliant.

Waikawa Orchard in the future

No two years are the same and the Parsons will continue to look for ways to adapt and create great quality products that are appreciated by people around the world. From techniques to prevent frosting, supply freshwater and increase sunlight exposure, the Parsons use a variety of methods to produce the right size and colour fruit.

Waikawa Orchard aims to introduce new techniques to ensure that the orchard delivers large and colourful fruit with great taste.

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