The Hawke's Bay Region

The Hawke's Bay Region

Located on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island, Hawke's Bay has high sunshine hours and a moderate year-round climate. It is easily accessible by air, sea and land, with the main cities in Hawke's Bay being Napier and Hastings. 

Often referred to as the fruit bowl of New Zealand, Hawke's Bay's clean, green environment, wonderful growing climate, pristine water, high sunshine hours and fertile soils all combine to help grow great apples to be enjoyed by everyone. Of all the apples produced in New Zealand, 70% of them are grown in Hawke's Bay.

Hawke's Bay's Sunny, Moderate Climate

Hawke's Bay's winters are mild and spring brings plentiful rain to prepare our orchards for long, hot and dry summer days – perfect for the final growing stages of our apples. And, some of our orchards are located in areas that have their very own microclimate. This means certain apple varieties can be grown, harvested and exported to arrive to market early.

Hawke's Bay Meteorological Data

  • Sunshine Hours: 2,281 hours per year (average of 6.14h per day) 
  • Average Rainfall: 810mm
  • Average Temperature: 14.3°C

The Region's Land & Soils

Most of our orchards have free-draining silty-loam soil, which is a very fertile sand-like substrate, over a heavier clay. This soil retains water very well, meaning the need for irrigation is often minimal. This soil type is extremely fertile, contains high levels of dry matter and therefore has great levels of mineral content and anti-oxidants, like salicylic acid and phenols.

Perfect Apple-Growing Conditions

For all our orchards, it begins with the perfect apple-growing environment that exists in Hawke's Bay, NZ. Our region's lush green landscape with its flat sheltered plains, sunny and moderate climate, clean air and fresh, pure artesian aquifer water, give rise to nutrient-rich, free-draining soils. The perfect conditions for producing juicy, crisp, great-tasting apples.

Hawke's Bay General Facts

Population: 151,179 people (14.02.17)
Total Land Size: 14,111km2
Flying from Auckland: 60mins
Sydney to Auckland: 3h 10min
Driving from Auckland: 5 hours

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