New Zealand Queen

grown, harvested & packed by Mt Erin

A large and rich looking apple, the NZ Queen is an apple variety that originated in New Zealand. More than 80% of NZ Queens are grown in Hawke’s Bay and at Mt Erin it is one of the most popular and highly demanded apples that we grow.

The NZ Queen apple has a sweet inner flesh that is similar to the Splendour and Gala varieties. Its clean white inner flesh matches its crisp texture. The outer skin colour is deep red/crimson and is rich in antioxidants and high in health benefits. It is great in a salad but it is best eaten as it is. Its premium appearance and crisp taste make it perfect for snacks and giving to people as gifts.

  • Variety: New Zealand Queen
  • Colouring: Intense red with small cream coloured speckles
  • Harvesting: Mid-March to mid-April
  • Availability: From March

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