Kilhaven Orchard

Bruce & Robyn Kilmister

With the first plantings in 1983, Kilhaven Orchard has been owned and operated by Bruce and Robyn Kilmister from the very beginning.

  • Orchard Name: Kilhaven Orchards
  • Owners & Operators: Bruce & Robyn Kilmister
  • Location: Korokipo Road, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
  • Size: 40ha
  • Varieties: Royal Gala, NZ Queen, Fuji, Lady in Red, Granny Smith, Pink Lady

Kilhaven Orchard in the beginning

With their bare hands, a tractor, and a healthy dose of determination, in 1983 Bruce and Robyn Kilmister planted the first trees in the orchard. These first trees are still there. The established orchard you see today is the result of hard work spanning nearly four decades.

Despite the challenges of running a horticultural business, Bruce and Robyn have always been committed to their belief that good quality products will be sought out by people who need the best quality apples grown in the clean and green environment of the Hawke`s Bay region of New Zealand.

Kilhaven Orchard Today

While Bruce and Robyn are still involved in running the orchard, their sons Philip and Stuart, are now also part of the team managing the orchard which now covers 40 hectares. Philip looks after the day-to-day operations of the orchard. His engineering background is of great benefit to improve the processes and efficiency of orchard operations, particularly where machinery is needed.

After working overseas for large wine makers and gaining valuable experience, Stuart returned to the family business. He currently manages the technical aspects of the orchard.

Kilhaven Orchard in the future

In the years to come the Kilhaven Orchard team will continue to apply best practices and inject innovation into their orchard's operations such as high-density plantings and world-class integrated pest management systems.

The Kilmisters will continue to apply sustainable farming practices so that the next generation of Kilmister owners and operators can continue to grow the best quality apples.

Through thick and thin, Bruce and Robyn have always believed that if you persist in growing a quality product in a clean, green environment such as New Zealand, eventually people will seek out your product.

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