Glenmore - Glenn & Ingrid Riddell

Glenmore Orchard is situated in Twyford, Hastings, Hawke's Bay and is one of the original orchards in the area, with the oldest pears on the property dating back to 1914.  100% family owned Glenn and Ingrid can be found working hard alongside their staff to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Glenn and Ingrid took over the property in 1994 and built their Mediterranean style home in 1997 which is now surrounded by lush lawns and mature trees. It felt like coming home for Ingrid who grew up just around the corner and remembers riding past the orchard on her way to and from school as a child. 

  • Orchard Name: Glenmore Orchard
  • Owners & Operators: Glenn & Ingrid Riddell
  • Location: Twyford
  • Size: 13ha
  • Varieties: Royal Gala, Galaxy, Pacific Beauty, Dazzle, Fuji, Kiku

The Riddells

Glenn and Ingrid Riddell are the current owners of Glenmore Orchard.  As a child Ingrid's parents had a "fruit salad" orchard just 400m around the corner from Glenmore, and Ingrid tells of more or less growing up in a fruit bin. Fruit growing is in her blood.   While Glenn spent his younger years as a Mechanical Engineer.  In 1989 they purchased their first orchard in Clive, 20acres of newly planted Braeburn.  Together they used their knowledge and skills to nurture the young trees to production.  Glenmore was the next step, larger and with more varieties. Glenn is in charge of operating and maintaining all the machinery and can often be found utilizing his Engineering skills to devise new ways to mechanize operations.  Ingrid loves to welcome locals and overseas workers to their Orchard and home each year to help harvest the right fruit at the right time.  She takes care of the quality control and ensuring the harvest makes it to the pack house for the next stage of it's journey.

Glenmore Apple Varieties

Glenmore currently grows a mixture of early and late harvested varieties, with Pacific Beauty being the first in early February. Royal Gala comes on next and Galaxy, a darker strain of Royal Gala.  Dazzle is a new variety Glenmore has planted, using FOPS (Future Orchard Planting System), and when producing it will be harvested mid-season and produce a large, sweet, solid red apple.  Later varieties include Standard Fuji and Kiku, some of which are on conventional tall spindle trees and some planted on the FOPS system.  For all varieties they aim to get today's picked bins to cool store by the end of the day to ensure optimum temperature control, ensuring they remain firm for packing and exporting.



Great Apples Grow In Fertile Soils

All Glenmore's fruit is GlobalGap approved with the orchard's standards audited annually. Looking forward, Glenmore will continue to replace outdated apple varieties with new varieties relative to future demand. 

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