Glenmore Orchard

Glenn & Ingrid Riddell

Being a fruit growing site for more than 100 years, the present-day Glenmore Orchard was established in 1994 by its current owners and operators, Glenn and Ingrid Riddell.

  • Orchard Name: Glenmore Orchard
  • Owners & Operators: Glenn & Ingrid Riddell
  • Location: Twyford, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
  • Size: 13ha
  • Varieties: Royal Gala, Galaxy, Dazzle, Fuji, Kiku

Glenmore Orchard in the beginning

The Riddells shared a personal connection with the orchard site as Ingrid grew up right around the corner from the property. With a family history of fruit growing and an engineering background, the Riddells put their knowledge and skills to good use when they established their first orchard in 1989 at a different site with the Braeburn variety of apples.

By 1994 the Riddells had expanded and needed more space, moving to the current site that is now known as Glenmore Orchard. 

Glenmore Orchard today

Glenn continues to be in charge of operations and the machinery used in the orchard, while Ingrid is in charge of quality control to ensure that the apples that come out of Glenmore are of the best quality.

Their recent plantings of Dazzle, Kiku and Gem have all been developed using the FOPS (Future Orchard Planting System) which is a 2-Dimensional planting system.  

Glenmore currently grows a mixture of early and late harvested varieties, with Gem being the first in early February. Followed by the Royal Gala and Galaxy, a higher coloured strain of Royal Gala. Their Dazzle is harvested mid-season and produces a large, sweet, solid red apple. Later varieties include Fuji and Kiku, on both conventional tall spindle trees and on the Future Orchard Planting System.

Glenmore Orchard in the future

Glenmore Orchard will continue to grow great quality apples as well as to change and adapt to the changing needs of the market by introducing new varieties and growing the apples that people love to eat.

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