A new apple grown by Mt Erin

We are pleased to present GEM, the new and exciting premium apple grown in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. GEM™ is available exclusively through Mt Erin Apples.

  • Variety: GEM™
  • Colouring: Dark red stripes over light red background
  • Harvesting: Early to mid-February

A royal relative

GEM™ is an exciting and welcomed new addition to the Mt Erin stable of apples. A relative of the Royal Gala family it has all the amazing attributes of that much loved variety plus much, much more. GEM™ is early to market and sets the stage for the coming season. Its stunning colour, lively flavour and mouth-watering crunch set it apart from other early season varieties.

GEM™ to lead the market

GEM™ leads the season maturing two weeks earlier than Royal Gala. It’s the first of Mt Erin’s picks, our first shipped and will reach your market ahead of the pack. We are genuinely excited by this variety and know you will be too.

Rich in red

The colour of GEM is a rich red pattern that differentiates it from other related Gala varieties, giving it a premium consistent colour. Its dark red stripes run down evenly over a light red background, giving it the appearance of a prize that embodies all the natural goodness of a Mt Erin grown apple from the pristine Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand. 

A different taste journey

GEM is rich in red and ready ahead! How does an apple that matures so early have such rich colour and taste to match? The growing methods of our growers and the pristine natural environment of our orchards give us GEM, an apple with consistent size and taste. It is related to our excellent Royal Gala but it is bigger, it is crisper, and has a richer taste that will savour from the first bite!