Granny Smith

grown, harvested & packed by Mt Erin

Discovered in Australia in the 19th century, the Granny Smith is one of the best apple varieties out there for cooking. Nothing compares to a Granny Smith apple when it comes to freshness and vitality. 

The Granny Smith is firm and tangy to bite. The Granny has a sharp and acidic taste with a special crunch that is unsurpassed by any other apple variety. Its fresh taste awakes the senses and is more likely to be seen in kitchens than in lunchboxes.

As a cooking apple, the Granny Smith excels. Ours are some of the best you will find for making apple pies and other cooked apple favourites. When stored correctly in the fridge, it will stay crisp and fresh for a long time, allowing you to make your favourite apple dishes out of season!

  • Variety: Granny Smith
  • Colouring: A bright mid-green
  • Harvesting: Late April – early May